Hubby’s Birthday

I’ve not got a whole lot to blog about today. Today is my husband Brett’s birthday.

This afternoon we took our three year old and one year old granddaughters to the pumpkin patch, we all had a great time. Walker’s Farm never disappoints.

And then afterwards we went to Lake zHope Lodge for dinner, only there was over an hour wait. So, we went to Jack’s Steak House in Logan.

The place was packed! Luckily there were two seats open at the bar. We were given menus and had our drink order taken but it took forever for them to take our food order.

When they finally got around to letting us order, it took another hour to get our food. They were that swamped on there. The place was hopping.

On the plus side, the food was awesome! And the portions were huge. We ended up getting doggy bags,.

So I would say it was well worth the wait.

Brett said he had a great birthday. 🥰

I guess, that’s about it for the day.

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