I’m getting ready to take Molly to her appointment. I have to have her there by eight.

The Vet will be taking her stitches out; from her fatty tumor removal, and doing a biopsy on her Carcinoma, so he can stage it.

Once he knows the stage and everything else he needs to know about it, he will schedule her appointment to have it removed.

I pray it isn’t in her lymph nodes, that would be bad.

I’ll be leaving her, to have the biopsy done and my husband will be picking her up later this afternoon, when the Vet calls and says she’s ready.

We got Molly from a rescue on the Indiana / Illinois borders. It wasn’t too long after we had lost our Moose. I was surfing the internet and her picture popped up. I talked to Brett, told him how much she resembled Moose and sent him her picture.

We wrote back and forth with the rescue wanting to know all about her; how she was with other dogs, how she acted around cats and other animals, etc. About the only question they could answer was how she was with other dogs.

To be continued . . .

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