Molly Continued.

I just dropped her off. She didn’t want to leave me, the girl had to coax her to get her to go with her. She’s been there so often, here of late, that she no longer enjoys visiting them. She used to just prance along behind them during her yearly check ups.

Okay, back to what I was telling you in my last post . . .

An appointment was set and we made the long drive from Nelsonville, Ohio to Fayetteville, Indiana; close to the Illinois border to meet Molly.

The rescue worker told us that there were several other people interested in Molly but that out of all of them, the only one that Molly liked was an older lady who wanted her as a hiking companion but because of the woman’s age and small stature, they didn’t let her have her. They were afraid Molly would pull her down and hurt her.

She said that she just wanted us to be aware of the fact that Molly was moody and that she might not like us. Then she had us sit on the floor while she went and got Molly.

When she brought Molly out it was as if she had known us forever. Her tail was wagging and she was bouncing around, doing her best to get to us. The serving the rescue worker removed the leash Molly ran over to us, threw herself on her back for belly rubs, and just wiggled.

The rescue worker was taken completely by surprise by her actions. She hadn’t expected Molly to take to us so quickly.

We found out later, after we’d paid the adoption fee, that the rescue worker, herself, was in love with Molly and had been tempted to keep her. I guess, she’d kept several of her rescues. She actually she’d a year as we loaded Molly into our car, for the trip to her new home.

The rescue worker told us that she, or someone from their group, would be popping in to check on her from time to time. We told her that they were more than welcome. Of course no one ever came. We were too far away. And for us to come this far for her, they had to have known that she was going to a good home.

Well, we brought Molly home to meet Fancy and Falina. Molly was huffy, at first, but Fancy and Falina were tolerant and patient and they’re the best of buds now.

That was eight years ago, Molly has been a part of our family for eight years. She was only a year old when we got her.

For several months we had sent pictures of Molly with Fancy and Falina. And then, out of the blue, we just stopped hearing from them.

Molly doesn’t like Fiona, the Corgi. She’s four years younger than Molly and your typical Corgi. Fancy and Falina tolerate Fiona a lot better than Molly does.

And she likes Dobby, who we inherited from my step-daughter (Brett’s daughter). Fiona likes Dobby, Falina keeps her distance from him, and Fancy; the alpha, the pack leader, hates him. Until we can get Fancy to accept him, Dobby has to remain an outside dog, which I hate. He is so lovable.

But back to Molly, that was how she became our girl. (Sorry about squirreling off topic there for a minute)

Brett will pick her up when the Vet calls. I’ll post more as we learn more. Hopefully, we will learn when her surgery will be today. I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Sorry about the typos. I can see where auto correct got ahold of my words and changed them in several places. Hope you could understand what I was saying and that it made sense in spite of auto correct.


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