Supernatural vr work out on the Oculus

My son got me my Oculus for Mother’s Day a couple of years ago and I love it! I joined the Supernatural exercise group, I pay $20 a month for it. (I’ve continued to pay it, even after I stopped using it because I kept telling myself, eventually I might do it again.)

When I was dieting and exercising I was doing Supernatural and Leslie Sansone’s Walk At Home DVD’s. (I love working out with Leslie, too.)

I was also doing quite a bit of hiking with my husband at the time. That’s pretty much stopped, too, these past several months. He now takes the dogs, taking turns with them. Maybe now that I’m determined to get back on the diet and exercise wagon, I’ll get myself back in shape and start hiking with him again. He’d like that.

But back to what I was saying about Supernatural, I love doing it, and I was wondering if anyone reading this does Supernatural? If you do and would like to join my leaderboard, I’d love to have you. We could, maybe, keep each other motivated.

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