Grace’s Heart

My copies of Grace’s Heart finally came today. They look really good. I put this book on the book markers that I ordered and I put book one; Kiersten’s Story, of Elven Magic on the banner.

I ordered 25 bags, too. I’m attaching photos of the items below.

I’ve still not been given a date for the book signings at the Glouster Library or The Plains Library. I suppose, I should reach out to them again. I will give them until Monday and if I’ve not heard anything by then, I will stop by and talk to them,

Come to think of it, I should probably stop by the Glouster Library on Saturday because I told them that I’d donate a copy of Grace’s Heart when it came.

The lady from Rushville wrote me back, she’s definitely interested but their event is booked. If there is anyway that she can fit me in, she’ll let me know.

I guess that’s the best that I can do for now.

The front of the bookmarks that I ordered.
The banner that I ordered for my table.
And this is what the bags I ordered look like.

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