I ordered a review from the Online Bookclub

I ordered the lowest, level one, review. I ordered it back in September and aware of the fact that it could take four months before anyone read it.

Well . . . I received an email today that my book had been read and reviewed. I had to click a link, read a private blurb that was kind of like a book report from back in the day, and fill out a fone stating as to whether or not I believed that my whole book had been read.

I could tell by the blurb that it had been, so I selected the proper response and submitted the form. My review will be published with seventy-two hours and when it is, I will be sent another email with a link to view it.

The book that I submitted for review was A Touch Of Elven Magic Book One: Kiersten’s Story.

I am nervous now, to read the review. I hope the reviewer liked it. I will know soon enough whether they did or not.

I have read through a few book reviews that have been given by them, some of them can be quite harsh.

Oh well, whatever my review is like, it is what it is. I asked for it and they will have delivered, whether they liked it or not.

The anticipation will kill me until I read what they’ve written about the book and I know that I will be steadily checking my email until I receive the email from them with the review link. And once it comes, I’ll click right to it and breathlessly read what they’ve written.

They rated my book a two out of five for sexual content and said it contained mild profanity and listed the pages with two swear words from the book. They also said that it would be suitable for any age, so I guess when I labeled it YA fantasy, I was correct.

So . . . With bated breath, I will anxiously await that email.

Just thought I’d share this with you, all.

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