One Chip Challenge

My GOOFY brothers wanted to try the one chip challenge so my son picked them up one. I didn’t get to see them when they first popped that chips into their mouths but Dan did.

I wished he’d of videoed it. He was practically crying from laughing so hard when he came into the kitchen to get them glasses and milk.

I followed him into the front room and there they sat; with their eyes watering and their mouths, lips, and throats on fire, guzzling milk.

I can only imagine how that chip felt coming out if it was that bad going in!

They said it wasn’t bad at first, just s little heat, but that once you swallowed it that was when it set you on fire. And it just kept burning for a while! It was hilarious! I bet they won’t be doing any more challenges. At least not any time soon! Goofy things! I wish Dan would have thought to video it.

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