Weight Loss Journey

This time around, getting the weight off is a slow process. I’ve been sticking to my 1,600 calorie a day diet and exercising up to two hours a night, no less than four nights a week, and I’m still only losing a pound a week. Five weeks, five pounds down.

And on top of my struggle with weight, it was called to my attention yesterday that my hair is thinning. I’ve always had thick hair but my step-son is right, it is considerably thinner than it used to be. How is it that I have never noticed? Now I’m going to be worrying about it.

I read on the internet that lemon oil is good for hair regrowth, so I ordered a bottle. I also read that using pure lemon juice ten minutes before washing your hair helps to stimulate the hair follicles. So I am going to buy some lemons as well.

I read that some women’s hair thins with age, I’ve read where prolonged use of chemicals will cause it to thin and I’ve dyed my hair many, many times over the years; in a multitude of colors. And I’ve read where it could be hereditary. My Grandma’s hair did get thin but it wasn’t until she got sick. Whatever the reason, I am now a little self conscious about it.

It doesn’t look thin, but where I could once barely get an elastic band twice, when I was putting it in a ponytail, it will now go around it three times easily. When did this happen? How could I not have noticed?

So here I am, overweight with thin hair . . . Hopefully, I can get the weight off and correct the hair issue. I’ll buy men’s Rogaine if the lemon juice and oil doesn’t work.

Why is it that everything has to be a struggle anymore?

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