Burgess Seed Company and Fed Ex

I hate that the Burgess Seed Company uses Fed Ex to deliver their plants and seeds. Last year, because of them, my plants were delivered dead as were my trees and my seeds were cooked.

Fed Ex delivers my stuff as far as three miles from where I live. I’ve called countless times to complain but it’s useless, nothing can be done.

Burgess is great though. They refund my money in store certificates and replace what they can but them using Fed Ex is ridiculous.

I just had my $62 spring seeds delivered to my brothers, up the road. They tossed the box on his deck and left. It was 24 degrees out. No one knew that they were there.

Sometime after I got home from work, at 5:30, my brother got home. He found the box and brought it to me.

I was livid. All day long those seeds sat in that box, on his deck, in freezing temperatures.

I emailed Burgess Seed that night. The next morning, I called Fed Ex. Par for the course, nothing could be done. They told me that I needed to take it up with Burgess Seed and that the company would have to call them. I was so pissed, even though I knew this would happen.

I waited a few days but Burgess didn’t respond to my email, so I called them today. The lady was very nice but I mad. I told her about not getting a reply to my email, told her about Fed Ex, and told her that if the seeds were frozen that I wanted my money back and that it was money that I wanted refunded this time and not store credit.

She wasn’t very helpful but she did tell me that if the seeds didn’t sprout after I’d planted them to give them a call back and that they would make it right with me,

I told her that I wanted that in writing, because I wanted my money and would never buy from them again. I told her that I would buy my seeds, plants, and trees elsewhere.

She was apologetic and sent me an email with a ticket number on it. I suppose that is what I’m to give them if the seeds don’t grow.

Fed Ex in this area is a joke. I have had nothing but trouble with them. No matter how many times I call and complain, they just can’t seem to deliver to my address.

And now I just received notification that Fed Ex is the one delivering my Amazon order, a 4.5 oz bottle of pure Lemon Oil. I guess, I’d better be prepared to contact Amazon because a box that small will never make its way to my house. Grr!!!

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