My little Goldie (Hen)

Who knew that when Goldie went into her coop last night and bedded down that it would be for the last time?

The poor little girl survived a Raccoon attack, in which she lost eight of her sisters, a Red Tail Hawk attack, which took one of her last six sisters, an attack by the neighbors Husky, which took three more of them, and whatever happened to Little Red. (Cherry became egg bound and we lost her, that left just Goldie.)

Goldie was getting up in years, her egg laying days were just about over, we were down to getting an egg a week, maybe, from her.

She was a pet.

The minute I named them they became pets. So losing her hurts.

And to think, I was worried about how she would be with my new chicks, when I got them come Spring. I’ve not got to worry about that now.

Rest in peace, Goldie. You were a good little Hen.

This is Goldie. It was taken when only she and Little Red and Cherry were left.

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