I was thinking about the things in life that give me the most joy and they’re the small things. Time spent with family, babysitting the grandkids, a girls night with the cousins, hanging out with friends, hiking with the husband, taking small trips, the love of our animals. this all bring me joy.

Talking to my son about things, chatting on the phone with my daughter and step-daughter, visiting with my step-son and his girlfriend, chatting with Martha via text, phone, or in person. These things bring me joy.

Hearing a song on the radio that I really like or that brings back memories of long gone family members, watching a video that is made of one of the grandkids when they were small, brings me joy.

A song, a movie, a good book, having a clean house, a clean car . . . Being able to get one of my books in print . . . A text from Alexis just to see how I’m doing, a text from Lauren just to say I love you, watching my youngest cousins school musicals and plays. These all bring me joy.

I guess, it doesn’t really take to much to bring me joy and make me happy.

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