So far so good . . .

I started my diet on January 2nd. and I started exercising on the 4th. I’m only doing twenty minutes of exercise this week, trying to get back into it, but the diet part is going good so far.

I would like to lose at least 40 pounds but I’m not going to hold my breath. I can take off 20-25 with no problem but then I plateau and the longer that I am stuck there, not losing but not gaining, the more aggravated I get and I eventually end up giving up.

This time I am going to try and find a way to break through that plateau and I hope that I can do it. I guess, time will tell.

On another note, I want to finish these last two books in the Suzanne Young series that I’m reading and I plan to start on my next book. I think, I am going to publish through Barnes and Noble this time, to see if I do any better with them.

After work, I plan to run down and pick my cousin up for a girls weekend, so I doubt I’ll be posting anything this weekend.


The closer it got to the holidays, the more I started slacking in my posting. However, now that the holidays are over, I am going to try and get back at it.

The very day my daughter and her family came home for Christmas; they live in Florida, I ended up getting sick.

I got off of work on the 21st. and felt so rough that I went home and went to bed. I called off work the 22nd. and 23rd. because I was running a temperature. I spent both days in bed.

The 24th. I was supposed to have gone to my in-laws for Christmas. Instead, I stayed home. I had to have my son run me to Kroger because I didn’t feel like driving and hadn’t been shopping for Christmas dinner.

That night my son ended up bringing his girlfriend and their babies and we all; my family, had Christmas with them.

Christmas I cooked dinner, my granddaughter Lauren, and daughter helped me.

It ended up being a nice Christmas in spite of everything.

I had to take my car to the shop on the 30th. and ended up going to Holzer Urgent Care afterwards. They couldn’t tell me if I’d had Influenza A, Adult RSV, or Covid because I’d waited nine days to seek treatment but they gave me three prescriptions and diagnosed me with ear infection, sore throat, and hives, all induced by whatever infection my body had been fighting off.

It wasn’t Covid, I took a Home Test the day after I got sick and it had came back negative. So I’m guessing it was the flu.

The medicine that they gave me helped me and within three days I was back to normal.

My daughter and her family have returned to Florida, I am back to work, and life is back to normal. Hopefully this year will be an even better year than last year.