Had a busy few days . . .

Friday evening when I got off of work, I had to run my paperwork down to the office. I got home around seven and then had to hurry and get ready to head over to Nelsonville.

I spent the night there. And the next morning, I went and picked up my brother and went shopping. He helped me with shopping because I had to get home and get things put away. I needed to have all of this done because Brett and I were taking my son, his girlfriend, and their babies, and our grandsons to see the Christmas lights in. Chillicothe. Brett wanted to leave at five, so I had to hurry.

Well, together Lonnie and I got the shopping done, made it home, and had everything put away with one hour to spare.

Dan decided that he and Brittany would follow us, with Abby and Kinsley; which worked out because we had Jon and Huntlee. So none of us ended up having to sit in the very back or be scrunched together.

We made it to the park; Yoctangee Park, and took our time, enjoying the lights. Everyone had a really good time.

When we made it home, I had to shampoo the carpet in the living room, and sweep and mop the kitchen. I had prep to do, since we were having our Thanksgiving on Sunday, the following day.

Once I finished the floors, I baked my pies, did the laundry, and prepped what I could in advance. I didn’t get to bed until after three in the morning.

And I was up at seven to put the Turkey in the oven and prep the rest of the dinner, part of which had to be put into the oven once the Turkey came out.

Dinner went off without a hitch, everyone liked it. After dinner Abby and I put the trees up and decorations out; she couldn’t wait. She’s at that age to be just so much fun.

We got everything up; lights, trees, and decorations. Little Abby kept telling me how nice it was, “This is so nice! It’s so nice here! It’s nice here and at Mama Karen’s, too.”

When we finished and we’re just relaxing my brother, the one that lives in Athens, came in with some beer and I had a few with him and Davey.

Abby decorating the tree. This is my favorite shot.
Kinsley relaxing in the little rocker that belonged to my Mom when she was a baby.
My blue pencil tree.
Most of the decorations on this tree were put on the front and I left them. Abby did a good job.

I’ll add more pictures as time goes on. I just wanted to add a few to this post.

Trans Siberian Orchestra

My cousin bought me and her sister tickets to go watch the Trans Siberian Orchestra, in concert, on December 3rd., in Dayton.

This should be a really good show and a good time for us gals. We usually always have a blast when we’re together.


I put together a cookbook full of recipes that we’ve found on the Internet and tried. I titled the cookbook ‘Keepers’ because the recipes were so good that we decided to keep them, so we can make them again,

Hopefully, Amazon will let it be published so that I can order copies of it as gifts for the kids and grandkids.

I’ve never tried to publish a cookbook before, I don’t own the photos of the recipes, so they may not let me publish it.

Does anyone know how that works? Have you ever published a cookbook?


Ugh! I am not ready for this!

The freezing temperatures and the snow . . . I make a good southerner or westerner. I could live somewhere that it is warm year-round and not miss this.

The snow is pretty though. I’ve got to give it that. If fact, when it’s freshly filled, before it gets tracked up, it downright beautiful.

There is beauty in every season. All we have to do is look to see it; it’s not hard to find.

But pretty or not, I don’t like the cold and the snow. Nor do I like the slick, icy roads.