From The Mundane To The Macabre

This was the first book that I had published. It took me several years to come up with enough short stories to fill a book. I will tell you about a few of my favorites stories in this book later.

From The Mundane To The Macabre was written mainly for my nephew Kameron, who had believed in my writing ability since he was just little; although I dedicated it to the rest of the kids in the family as well.

I have always, from the time I was just a kid, loved making up stories and writing them. My Grandma always read the stories that I wrote as a child and would claim that they were the best thing she’d ever read. She was something else, that’s for sure.

These days, I write in my spare time and have recently discovered that the Fantasy genre is a much easier fiction genre that the horror, which I love.

Steven King and Dean Koontz are among my very favorite authors, with John Saul following closely behind them. There are others that I thoroughly enjoy but those are my favorites.

I’ll tell you a little about the stories in From The Mundane To The Macabre in my next post. Until then . . . Have a good day!